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Massage & Myofascial Cupping

An ancient healing therapy that uses negative pressure in cups to create a suction on the skin. The therapist then glides the cups along the fascial lines of the body, which is found just beneath the skin surface and surrounds the muscles.

This technique is used to reduce tension and trigger points.

Deep Tissue

A massage that uses deeper pressure to address the deeper structures.

Various techniques are used that may include, Orthopedic Assessment and testing, Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial release and Joint Manipulation.

Therapeutic Sports Recovery Massage

Whether you are a training athlete, or an active person training at the gym, your body needs recovery. Muscles that are under constant tension pull on joints and the skeletal system, causing more injuries. A sports massage can correct those issues and other sport-related injuries, past or present.

This Massage will focus on the specific area that is injured or needs work, so may not include the whole body, like a regular massage. Techniques that may be used, will be Proprioceptive Neuromusclar Facilitation (PNF) stretching, myofascial cupping, Arthrokinetic therapy, and Nerve mobilizations, among other techniques for optimal healing.

Relaxation Massage

Purely for the light hearted client, who is seeking peace of mind and is wanting to relax the nervous system and soft muscle tissue.

Acupressure and Meridian Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on acupressure points (same as Acupuncture), that are located along the Meridian channels, that run throughout the body.
Acupressure can address issues like diabetes, stress, coughs, colds, swelling and problems with organs and body systems.


There are 200,000 nerve endings in your feet. No wonder it feels so good to get them worked on. The therapist uses pressure that corresponds to specific organs and systems of the body. 

Treat your feet!


For Massage

1/2 hour - $57
3/4 hour - $70

1 hour - $90
1 1/4 hour - $100

1 1/2 hour - $125
1 3/4 hour - $145
2 hour - $170


Holistic Nursing
with Lacey Malowski

For questions about these services please contact Lacey, directly
@ (587) 317-4748

Health Consultation
Up to a 45 min appointment with a Holistic Registered Nurse to discuss your current health state and ways to naturally improve your wellness. Can include lifestyle tips and diet modifications for optimal disease management if applicable.
This appointment can also be used as an introduction to Holistic Nutrition concepts. $50

Intramuscular Vitamin Injection
Vitamins administered into the muscle via an injection. This is a quick way to regain energy and improve your overall wellness.
15 min appointment.

Lacey will contact you directly after
you make a booking, to go over health goals and choose the right formulation.

You can also reach Lacey at :
(587)-317-4748 text/call or email

will also be invoiced upon booking the formulations. Varies from $30-$100

Intravenous Vitamin Infusion
Intravenous vitamin infusion administered over 25 to 40 mins to help improve your nutrient stores. Includes assessment and IV insertion by a Registered Nurse.

Lacey will contact you directly, after you make your booking, to go
over health goals and choose the right formulation.

(587) 317-4748 text/call or email:

Payment will also be invoiced upon booking the formulations. Varies from $110-$300



Pulseless Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

Pulseless Electromagnetic Field Therapy is another form of bio-medical frequency medicine, that could help to improve cellular detoxification, increase blood flow to the organs, tissues and help rebuild bone mass.
The frequencies of the PEMF emit negative ions which are needed to neutralize free radicals in your body.
This mat is encrusted with thousands of healing crystals including Amethyst, Tourmaline, Obsidian & Jade along with a heat and red light therapy function


Microcurrent Therapy 

Helps to restore vitality into the tissues and break up scar tissue.  It is a painless and non-invasive way to manage pain in all ages, and has even been shown to help speed up healing times from post surgery and post injury

Ionized Detox Foot Baths

To help support detoxification which can lower inflammation and lessen those aches and pains. This can cleanse the organ systems, and assist the body in getting rid of yeast, parasites, environmental toxins and heavy metals.

Many people report feeling more energized, less achy and improved sleep.


Holistic Nutrition

This involves going over your current health history and addressing what is driving your system down. I will send you a completely individualized protocol including diet, lifestyle, and possible supplement recommendations to get you on your healing path.

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