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Our aim is to help you live a happy, healthy and stress-free life

by assisting your body to recovery.

Mountain View


Tammy Dahrouge - Owner

Is a Registered

Massage Therapist who graduated

in 2009 from Alberta Institute

of Massage where she

received a Director's Honour Award

and Award of Excellence.

Her continuing education has included Myofascial Release and Myofascial Cupping, Cervical, Thoracic, and lower back Advanced Techniques with Arthokinetic Therapy.

She is always learning and applying new Therapeutic techniques.

Tammy's experience includes 3 years of working in Physiotherapy clinics in Banff and Canmore, plus 6 years of experience at the Edwards and Holloway clinic (Alberta Institute of Massage) in Red Deer.

Her profession in the Rockies led to working with ski teams, sports events and local athletes on their sports injuries and rehabilitation.

In her spare time, she enjoys being in the mountains or on the lake with her 2 kids and husband.

We are looking for another RMT, whose main focus is on Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Techniques!

RMT's with extra continuing Education in that field of Massage would be an asset.

Apply today to:

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